Duncan Aird

Clay has always presented new possibilities for me. As I was finishing my diploma in Ceramics at Sheridan College in 2000, I was fortunate to find an apprenticeship with Scott Barnim. This wonderful time of further education and essential practice lasted for almost six years. By 2003 I had opened Aird Pottery and was making a line of domestic cone six tableware, as well as teaching part time at Dundas Valley School of Art. In January 2006 I decided to strike out on my own and work in my own studio fulltime. This lasted only 8 months as I was fortunate to secure the Ceramics studio technician position at Mohawk College. With new found freedom from the constraints of production potting, I found time to have a solo exhibition and 2 group exhibitions during 2009. I have also returned in a focused way to my original love of atmospheric firings, most intensively wood firing. Relenting decoration almost completely to the flame, I can now focus solely on form and function in a slower more contemplative way of making.